Ingrid is guest art teacher at Durand High School Durand, Durand, IL

Invited by Durand High School art teacher, Deborah Webb, Ingrid has taken on the challenge with gusto.  All the students in the class are attentive as can been seen by the results of her recent day at the school in May 2016.

"These lovely paintings are a result of you being an inspiration to my students!  Thanks dear friend.

I asked the Art 2 students to write about what they enjoyed about your presentation:"

  • how fast she worked & careless attitude...I loved everything
  • the color splashes and bright visuals as well as her blending
  • all the emotion and how alive it looks
  • it was very unique
  • it looks like it took forever to do but she is so used to it that it only took a few hours
  • how she can always fix mistakes
  • who at first it looked like nothing and then everything started to become something 
  • the colors and techniques she used
  • she doesn't paint in an exact way so the flowers look more real from a distance
  • how the painting looked so realistic an lively