Monroe Art Center

The Monroe Arts Cent of Monroe, Wisconsin will be hosting an exhibition of photographer Pedro E. Guerrero's works of Frank Lloyd Wright and artist Ingrid Dohm's works in watercolor and acrylics.  Join us for featured selections of artwork from 

Pedro Guerrero and Ingrid Dohm.

Pedro Guerrero

began taking photography in 1939.  He became the chief visual interpreter of Frank Lloyd Wright twenty years later.  Many of his portraits of Wright are included in his new exhibition, “Pedro E. Guerrero: Photographs of Modern Life”, which was in the Woodbury University Hollywood Gallery in Los Andeles.

Ingrid Dohm

is a local artist from Rockford, IL.  She is a representational and impressionistic style painter.  Many of her works are watercolor and acrylics that are based on nature.  Dohm also likes to be able to add her own interpretation to her natural artwork by myriad shapes.

Opening Reception

June 22, 20125-7 p.m. at Monroe Clinic Hospital Monroe, Wisconsin

Appetizers and wine will be served